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Could This Be The Main Cause Of Your Hair fall?

Hair fall

In today’s time, the fall of hair is a common problem, and everyone wants to get rid of this problem. You strive very much to stop your hair, but for some time the hair stops falling and then starts falling again.

Your lifestyle also plays a major role in your hair fall. If your eating habits are poor and you always eat oily foods, then it can also be a big reason for hair fall.

To prevent hair, you must know that there is such a thing that affects your hair. such as lack of vitamins, too much stress, lack of sleep, using excess chemical shampoo, taking a low protein diet, and excessive consumption of junk food.

After crossing the age of 18-20, you all worry about your hair. You can control the fall of your hair with some precautions. Some hair types are genetically predisposed. By taking caution, you can increase the time of the collapse of the genetic hair.

(1)Weak Digestive system :-

If you think that you are taking a nutritious diet and still your hair is falling out, So maybe your hair loss is due to a problem in your digestive system. Any disturbance in the digestive process affects your hair. Poor gut flora causes thinning of hair and eventually leads to hair loss.

So keep your digestion strong and take a nutritious diet so that you can prevent the problem of hair fall.

(2)Don’t sleep well:-

Better sleep is good for your hair and your overall health. If you sleep well, you can keep your mind focused. If you get less sleep, then you may also face the problem of hair fall. As such, hair loss, breakage, loss, and even growth can be affected by lack of sleep.

Epithelial hair follicle stem cells start working while you sleep. So, get proper sleep to make your hair look better.

(3)Take too much stress:-

Studies have shown that stress can cause or contribute to some hair loss conditions. Hence, we can say that stress is a major cause of hair fall. Well, stress can damage your hair to the point where it starts falling out.

Stress can push hair follicles into the “resting” phase so that they no longer form new hair.

(4) Excessive consumption of junk food:-

If you have been eating junk food for a long time, you may have to face the problem of hair loss. Because you all know very well that junk food is low in nutrients and high in fat. Regular consumption of junk food can lead to hair fall and many other problems. Don’t worry if you eat it occasionally. Your hair loss could be due to some other reason. Use less junk food for your hair and your whole body.

(5)Taking a low protein diet:-

protein serves an important function for your hair because, due to a lack of protein, the body neglects the growth of the scalp and hair, which leads to hair breakage and slows down hair growth. This means that the hair will become older and more brittle over time.

Eat a protein-rich diet, as protein is important for your overall health. How Much Protein Consume A Day? Men/Women

(6)Consuming less fruits and vegetables:-

Fruits and vegetables contain all the essential nutrients for your hair, and these are the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. All the vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron and biotin are essential for the growth of your hair, which you can easily consume from fruits and vegetables. Nutritional Fruits And Vegetables

Vegetables :-

Spinach:- Spinach is one of those vegetables that are considered nutritious for your hair.

Carrots:- Carrots are another best vegetable for hair growth. It is rich in Vitamin B7, or biotin, which is considered a healthy hair tonic.

Onions:- An onion is also a beneficial nutrient for hair. It is an excellent source of zinc, biotin, and iron, which are necessary for hair growth.

Fruits :-

Orange:- ranges have antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Apple:- Apple contains procyanidin B-2, which promotes hair growth in hair epithelial cells.

Guava:- Guava leaves are also known to be a rich source of nutrients that boost hair growth.

(7)Use Chemical shampoo:-

Harmful shampoos damage your hair. Chemical shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate and Laureth sulfate. Sulfates are the most harmful of all the chemicals found in hair products. Sulfates are found in car wash soap and engine degreasers. If you use chemical-free shampoo, then your hair does not get damaged by the chemicals.

(8)Use Chemical oil :-

Organic oil is extremely beneficial for your hair and skin. You can skip buying all the fancy lotions and deep conditioners. Health experts suggest using organic oils in place of traditional beauty products. Some organic oils like mustard oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil are organic. All these oils are effective for your hair.

(9)Low in vitamins:-

Add vitamin A :- All cells need vitamin A for growth. This includes hair, the fastest growing tissue in the human body.

Add vitamin B :- Vitamin B is one of the best-known vitamins for hair growth. It is also known as biotin.

Add vitamin C :- Free radical damage can block the growth and cause your hair to age. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant for hair growth.

Add vitamin D :- Low levels of vitamin D are linked to alopecia, a technical term for hair loss.

Add Vitamin E :- Vitamin E may increase blood flow, which is said to improve hair health.

(10)Lack of omega 3 fatty acids in food:-

Omega 3 is a vital nutrient for hair, with its ability to reduce follicular tension and promote better hair growth. If your hair is damaged and dry hair is your main concern, then omega-3 fatty acids are the simple solution to this problem. Omega-3 is found in fish oil, but flaxseed is one of the best sources of omega-3 if you are a vegetarian.

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