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Is Organic Shampoo Good For Your Hair?

There can be many reasons for hair fall and dryness. But, if you have been using high-chemical shampoos for a long time, it can cause problems for your hair. If you’ve tried everything and your hair is still falling out and drying out, your chemical shampoo may be the cause. Organic hair shampoo can be beneficial for your hair as it contains natural oils, minerals, and herbs, so it does not harm your hair and helps to repair damaged hair, making your hair healthier.

Organic hair shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo is the best option, and organic shampoo is one of them. It is sulphate-free and works well on all hair types. If you are using organic shampoo, do not think that it will affect your hair immediately. It takes some time.

In today’s time, everyone likes to take organic products, so if you use organic things for your hair too, it will be much better for you.

The Benefits Of Chemical Free Shampoo:-


There are more chemicals found in the shampoos that come on the market, which can cause a lot of damage to your scalp, as well as irritation due to getting into your eyes. Hence, you should look for herbal shampoos that are sulphate-free, so that you can keep your hair healthy for a long time.

Moisturizing properties:

Organic shampoos contain plant extracts with nourishing properties. It also provides natural minerals to your hair follicles, which keep your hair moisturized. They contain natural oils which give your hair vitamins and antioxidants, which are important nutrients for your hair.

Maintain proper PH balance:

PH balance is important for healthy hair. If you are using highly alkaline and acidic products, these can damage your hair follicles. Therefore, it is important to use a pH-balanced shampoo that is neither overly alkaline nor too acidic.

If you are using organic shampoo, you do not need to worry about the alkaline level of the shampoo.

Essential ingredients:-

Organic shampoos are loaded with essential ingredients like aloe vera, which has good antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that help in healing the skin and keeping it away from dandruff and scalp irritation. It also contains beta-glucan, which imparts natural color to your hair and add shine to your hair. They are available in different forms; you can buy whatever you want.

Good for sensitive hair and skin:-

If you have sensitive skin, shampoos containing harmful chemicals can cause pain, redness, and itching. Therefore, try to choose a shampoo that does not harm your scalp. If you are suffering from this problem and still using harmful shampoo or conditioner, then it is a sign that your skin is sensitive and the reason may be chemical shampoo.

It contain natural plant-derived ingredients and are free of sulphates and parabens. Natural home remedies like curd, Multani mitti, and aloe vera gel are also beneficial options for hair treatment.

Can Chemical shampoo harm your hair?

I am not saying that all the shampoos available on the market are harmful. There are some shampoos available on the market, which do not contain harmful chemicals. But, some shampoos contain high amounts of sulfate, which not only damages the proteins in your hair but also irritates your scalp and causes hair fall.

This does not mean that shampoos can be the only reason for your hair fall; they can be due to various reasons. But, take care not to use a high sulphate product, as sulphate is found in car wash soap. So stay away from high sulphate shampoos, which can be a reason for your hair fall.

How to choose hair shampoo:


Whatever organic shampoo you choose, it should be free of fragrance because fragrance products contain chemicals called inorganic shampoos. There are organic shampoos in some markets that use fragrances.


Parabens or benzyl alcohols are added to the shampoo so that it lasts longer and does not spoil quickly. So whatever shampoo you buy, keep these things in mind.

(4)Read the label properly:

If you know which ingredients to avoid, you should read the label carefully so as not to miss anything. The natural ingredients in a good organic shampoo, which indicate a good herbal shampoo, are:

(5)Sulphate free:

As you have been told, sulphate shampoo is not good for your hair. If a shampoo is a herbal shampoo, it should not contain sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laurate, which are not only harmful to the hair but also harmful to the environment.

(6)Ingredients and essential oils:

Shampoo must contain essential oils, as they have nourishing and moisturizing properties that soothe the scalp and nourish the hair. Natural ingredients have been used in them.

  • Honey:-

Honey is a moisturizing agent and has wound-healing properties that help treat itchy scalps and prevent hair loss. It helps in the growth of cells on the scalp as well as contains a protein called keratin, which helps in strengthening the hair.

  • Aloe vera:-

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and is essential for healthy cell growth. It helps eliminate dandruff, prevents hair fall, and also has an antibacterial property that treats your scalp infections and helps control excess serum.

  • Rose water:-

Rose water contains anti-inflammatory properties that moisturize and hydrate your hair. It helps fight dandruff, maintains the pH level of the hair, and promotes hair growth.

(7)Natural Plant Extracts:

The natural shampoo contains the name of the plant mentioned in the list of ingredients. This means that the natural part of the plant is included in the organic hair shampoo. It contains nutritious plant extracts such as calendula flower extract, horsetail extract, and sweet orange extract. All these extracts help in stimulating hair growth.

(8)Choose a good brand for your shampoo:

All the organic products coming into the market do this by claiming that their product is 100% organic, but it is not the case that many such products are coming into the market that makes false claims. A good brand has good reviews and does exactly what it claims.

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