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Symptoms of weak metabolism system/how to cure

Symptoms of a weak metabolism can be seen with increasing age, certain lifestyle habits, and underlying medical conditions that can reduce the metabolic rate. Hormone levels and the rate of production also play an important role in the functioning of your metabolism How To Maintain Blood Sugar Level(Diabetes)

You all know that a strong metabolism keeps your body away from diseases. Metabolism is the process that converts the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from your food into energy that your cells need to function. It is the process through which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy.

symptoms of weak metabolism

Causes of a weak metabolism:-

Drinking less water:-

Water is essential for body function and staying hydrated. If you drink less water, then it can be the reason for slow metabolism. By drinking less water, you burn fewer calories, and dehydration causes your body temperature to drop. Therefore, water is essential for a strong metabolism.

Not getting enough sleep:-

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body, as it repairs itself when you sleep. According to researchers, lack of sleep can affect your metabolism, weight gain, and many other health problems.

Too much stress:-

Emotional stress increases the production of the stress hormone, also known as cortisol. Abnormal cortisol affects your mood, weight gain, as well as your metabolism.

Low calories diet: –

If you regularly eat foods high in refined sugar and saturated fat, your metabolism slows down. It is important to consume a high number of calories per day to maintain a healthy metabolism. By consuming fewer calories, your body slows down your metabolism.

Low testosterone:-

Testosterone helps you burn more calories. Low testosterone levels increase body fat, reduce muscle mass, and slow metabolism. Obesity is also the main cause of low testosterone levels.


As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down. It drops by 2% every 10 years. After 55, muscle mass declines, and the rate at which you burn calories slows.


In general, men have a lower body fat percentage and more muscle mass than women. Therefore, metabolism is higher in men than in women.

Medication :-

Certain medications can affect your metabolisms, such as diabetes medications, antidepressants, anti-thyroid agents, and hormone therapy. These medicines can also make you gain weight.

Thyroid: –

The thyroid is a secreted hormone that is available in your neck to control your metabolism. Both an underactive and an overactive thyroid gland can affect metabolism, with an underactive thyroid gland being a common cause of weight gain.

10 symptoms of weak metabolism system :-

(1)Weight gain :-

While your food intake and physical exercise are the biggest determiners of your weight, a slowed metabolism can contribute to weight gain as your body simply slows your calorie conversion. You burn fewer calories on the same amount of food in a day, and your body ends up storing more fat. How to Loose weight?

(2)More harder for losing weight :-

Slowing down your metabolism can make it harder to lose weight because weight gain largely depends on the calories you burn. If you suddenly restrict your diet and eat less than you normally would, your metabolism is naturally going to slow down to conserve calories for energy.

(3)Dry skin :-

After a slow metabolism, your cells are not as active as they should be, which means they are not getting the proper blood supply. Dry skin, oily skin, acne on the face, and itchy skin are signs of slow metabolism deficiency.

(4)Hair loss :-

A weak metabolism can be a major reason for hair loss. Because the nutrients found in whatever food you eat do not work in your body, hair loss starts. Hair loss or a change in the texture of dry and lifeless hair can be a sign of a slow metabolism. How to stop hair fall?

(5)Lack of concentration for work :-

Your brain scavenges the nutrients your body can take in from the food and beverages you eat. If a sluggish metabolism is causing energy conversion to this nutrient, it will hinder your normal brain function. Concentration and alertness will lag as well.

(6)Feel tired :-

Lack of energy and feeling tired can be a sign that your metabolism is weak. Fatigue can indicate an imbalance between the energy you are burning and the energy stored in your body. Because energy is stored when your food passes through the digestive system,

(7)You have menstrual problems :-

Mainly, the disturbance of the menstrual cycle occurs due to hormonal imbalance. But, when a woman’s metabolism starts slowing down or speeding up, it often happens that her menstrual cycle gets affected.

(8)Constipation :-

Problems like constipation persist due to a weak metabolism because food takes a long time to digest. A slow metabolism can also affect other body processes as well, including how often you hit the toilet. So, if you keep your metabolism strong, the more you will stay away from diseases.

(9)Slow down heart beat :-

If you feel that your heartbeat is slowing down, it may be due to a slow metabolism. The pulse rate is directly proportional to metabolism, so a slow pulse rate occurs in conditions that slow the basal metabolic rate. 

How to cure weak metabolism

Eating at regular times :-

Eating food at a regular time is very good for your health. Several small meals or snacks should be eaten at intervals of about 3 or 4 hours a day. Eating meals at consistent times can help maintain metabolic balance. If a person eats too much, he/she goes without eating and drinking for a long time, which leads to the gradual burning of calories and more body fat.

Consume enough calories :-

Many people give up food to lose weight. Your metabolism can be adversely affected by this. Eating too few calories can slow down a person’s metabolism, so eat on time and eat proper meals.

Drinking enough water :-

Water plays a very important role in maintaining metabolism. Staying hydrated is essential for the proper functioning of the body and can help anyone lose weight.

Stress :-

Stress can disrupt your metabolism, as it affects hormone levels that cause the body to produce more cortisol than normal. It is a hormone that helps control appetite.

Have a good sleep :-

Proper sleep keeps you healthy. If you get less sleep, then your body releases the hormone ghrelin, a hormone that can make you feel hungry. Getting good sleep keeps your hormones balanced.

Green tea :-

Green tea can help increase your metabolic rate and keep you healthy. Because it contains flavonoids, which are powerful antioxidants that can help protect against various diseases. Drink green tea daily for better metabolism. It can be helpful to cure the metabolic system.

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