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Tips For Baby Dry Skin/Why Does Baby Skin Get Dry?

If we compare with adults, the skin of baby is very thin and their skin texture is also very different. Their skin has high water content. When you moisturize a baby’s skin, it gets absorbed into their skin very quickly. If you don’t moisturize baby skin frequently enough, their skin starts looking dry.

Baby Dry Skin

Most of the hands, cheeks and feet of young children get very dry very quickly. Sometimes the skin starts coming off of it. That’s why parents start worrying a lot about what to do.

Tips for Baby Dry Skin:-

Keep the children covered in winter:

Keep babies covered with shocks, hats, and full woolen clothing in winter. The longer you cover them, the less likely they are to dry out their skin because their skin starts getting dry as the temperature drops.


Keep the whole body of babies moisturized. I would especially recommend using cream instead of lotion as the lotion gets absorbed easily into the skin and the layer of the cream remains. Due to which their skin remains moisturized for a long time.

You have to take care that you do not use a cream with a high fragrance because the fragrance cream contains chemicals. It would be better if you used only natural creams for children’s skin.

Use lukewarm water:

Don’t bathe the baby with very hot water. Because hot water takes away the moisture from the skin and makes it dry. It would be better if you used lukewarm water to bathe your baby.

Use mild soap.

Use mild soap instead of harsh soap. Harsh soaps make the skin dry by stripping away the moisture and natural oils from the baby’s skin.


If your baby has dry skin, then you do not need to apply powder as the baby needs moisture for dry skin. Avoid using scented powders whenever you apply powder to your baby, as the chemicals found in scented powders can dry out your baby’s skin.

Diaper Size:-

Do not put the baby in a tight diaper and always use a soft diaper. If your baby has dry skin and redness, then use diapers to a minimum.

Oil massage:-

Massage your baby’s entire body with natural oils like coconut oil and almond oil to keep his skin well moisturized.

Sun exposure:-

Always keep your child adequately covered whenever you go out, as children are more prone to sunburn than adults.

Use cotton clothes in the summer:-

Use cotton clothes in the summer, Cotton clothes help to absorb sweat and keep the skin dry and also maintain body temperature so dress your baby in soft cotton clothes and avoid synthetic clothes.

Wash the clothes separately. –

Wash baby clothes separately and use a mild detergent to keep their clothes soft.

Use soft towels:

Use soft towels instead of hard ones for the baby, which will reduce the chances of getting rashes on their skin. Never rub their skin; it can make them feel very uncomfortable. 10 Natural Ways To Glowing Skin/ Causes Of Dry Skin

Why does baby skin get dry?

(1) Weather changes: –

Sometimes the skin of children starts to get dry due to the change in weather. Because the moisture of their skin decreases due to a temperature change, the skin of children can become dry.

(2)Taking a long bath

If you bathe your baby for a long time, this can also be a reason for dry skin. because the water that is present in many places is very salty. And bathing for a long time can make their skin dry.

(3) Newborn Baby:

If your baby is 1 to 1.5 months old, you may have dry skin. After the birth of babies, the skin of the babies starts to come off, as their new skin starts forming. So you don’t need to worry; it is a normal process. And this happens to all children.

(4)Skin issue:-

Eczema is a very common problem in babies, especially when it occurs in the folded areas of the baby’s body such as in front of the elbows, behind the knees, behind the thighs and its common symptoms are redness and itchy skin. 

At what time to contact the doctor:-

If your child has redness, swelling, dry skin, bleeding, or if your child is very uncomfortable and cannot sit still, call 911. Therefore, in these situations, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Can You use household products for the baby?

Children’s skin is very sensitive and they can be prone to infection if you use household products. Because household products like ghee and oil do not have anti-bacterial properties, bacteria can grow in them and harm the skin of children.

That’s why you should only use products that are approved for your baby’s skin and that have no odor.

What does baby eczema look like?

Eczema is one of the most common problems in babies that cause red, itchy, and inflamed skin. The most common is atopic dermatitis, which causes dry, scaly, and itchy patches on the baby’s skin that often occurs on the forehead and scalp.

Baby eczema does not look like adult eczema, while adults may see patches of eczema on their hands and feet, and torso. The baby can be seen on other areas of their body, such as their knees and elbows.

Eczema doesn’t look the same in every child, so if your baby has light skin, you’ll likely see patches of red, brown, and purple. It can be a bit difficult to identify eczema in light skin.

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